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About Us

Our History

In 1983, Monroe County faced a shortage of physicians willing to deliver babies. In response to the need for maternity care, Monroe County leaders, headed by Dr. Barbara Levin, developed an innovative solution: an out-of-hospital birth center. The Women's Wellness and Maternity Center (originally named Monroe Maternity Center, Inc.) was the nation's first publicly funded freestanding birth center.  As service expanded to include Primary Care for everyone, in 2015 our name was changed to Family Wellness And Maternity Center.  FWMC relies on certified nurse-midwives to provide safe prenatal care, low risk deliveries, and primary care for all women, as well as a dedicated Nurse Practitioner for the entire family, regardless of their ability to pay. 

The Maternity Center's first baby was born in January 1984, and during that calendar year, 62 babies were born at the center. Thirty years later, FWMC's certified nurse-midwives have delivered 3,265 babies and counting at the center and at the hospital. 

FWMC is licensed by the State of Tennessee Board of Licensing Health Care Facilities as a birth center. The center is also accredited by the American Association of Birthing Centers (AABC), with reaccreditation every three years. FWMC is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of area medical professionals, patients, and local community leaders. This board meets quarterly to oversee management of the facility. 

Over the years, insurance companies have learned that birth centers provide a safe and cost-effective method of obstetrical care, and FWMC is reimbursed by most major insurance companies. 

Family Wellness and Maternity Center is committed to a future of continuing to offer safe, sensitive care to women and their families in Monroe County and the East Tennessee area.

FWMC's Mission Statement

We believe that pregnancy and birth are normal life events and should be woman-centered. We strive to provide a sanctuary for normal birth with minimal use of intervention. 

Our providers are committed to nurturing women and their families, providing comprehensive, holistic care. We are closely connected with the larger health-care system, with safe, smooth transfer and referral pathways.

Women's health and prenatal care is provided by our certified nurse midwives.

To provide safe and sensitve well-woman and maternity services by Certified Nurse-Midwives to women of Monroe County and surrounding areas. 
To educate women through one-on-one counseling and community outreach about healthy pregnancy, parenting, and wellness.
To increase access to prenatal care and well-woman care, regardless of the patient's ability to pay.

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