We have comfortable exam rooms, some with toys to keep older siblings occupied. We have time to truly listen, making sure all of your questions are answered. You will have many visits with the nurse-midwife, so that by the time labor beings, you will have developed a connection and feel very comfortable.

While we strive to have short wait times, we hope you will understand if a mama is laboring, your wait time could be longer. If we anticipate this, we will offer you the opportunity to reschedule your appointment for a more convenient time.

Our birth rooms are set up with the comfort of our patients and their families in mind. We believe that birth environment plays a large role in the labor process, and that the more relaxed a patient feels, the more serene and peaceful her birth experience will be. 

Each of our birth rooms includes a large queen-sized bed, an en suite bathroom with a full-size bath tub and shower, and plenty of space to move around (walking, sitting on a birth ball, swaying with a partner). 

We have a large facility complete with comfortable exam rooms, three birth rooms with en suite private bathrooms, as well as a large labor/birth tub. 

Our waiting room.

We also have a large group meeting room for childbirth education classes (when available) and other special education events, as well as private rental for baby showers and other parties.

We have a kitchen available to women while they are in labor. If they feel like eating, we provide the dishware and kitchen. They must bring their own food to eat. 

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Our Facility

There is a family waiting area that has access to the kitchen, television, and a bathroom. We encourage women to have family members and friends they would like to have with them for this special event.

Water has a powerful calming effect in labor and has been shown to reduce the sensations of contractions and pelvic pressure experienced during the birth process. 

At FWMC, we have a large labor & birthing tub available to laboring women in a soothing, private room. 

Our hallway is lined with footprints of babies who were born here..

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