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Primary Care


We provide primary care for men, women and children:

Acute Illnesses:  colds, flu, sinus, ear infections, etc.

Chronic Illnesses:  diabetes, cholesterol testing and hypertension.

Yearly exams for men and women.

We provide a wide range of gynecological services by Certified Nurse-Midwives including: PAP smears, STD testing, family planning, menstrual disorders, and menopausal symptoms. We also provide a wide-range of primary services including diabetes and cholesterol testing, as well as referrals for mammography, colonoscopy, and bone density scanning. 

We have appointments available for children starting from birth including: check-ups, vaccines, and school/sports physicals. A nurse practitioner, along with a registered nurse provide individualized, thorough care. 

Nurse Home Visits

Doula services are available for all patients and are highly encouraged. A doula is a non-medical labor support person with specific training in giving encouragement to women and their partners in labor. The invaluable nurturing skills that doulas provide have been shown to reduce anxiety in both women and their partners during labor and have shown measurable differences in cesarean rates and decreased need for pain management.

WWMC is an accredited free-standing birth center. We provide continuous hands-on support during the labor and birth process. Women are encouraged to walk, sit on the birth ball, and relax in the tub. We are there every step of the way to support labor's natural progress and decrease the risk of birth injury and cesarean. Birth centers are safe places to have babies. We proudly have lower cesarean section rates, lower rates of low birth weight babies and infant mortality, and decreased use of intervention than other hospitals in our area and nation-wide. 

For women whose healthcare needs necessitate hospital birth, we work closely with our consulting physicians at University of Tennessee Medical Center in Knoxville to provide local prenatal care with a smooth transition to hospital admission at the end of pregnancy.


With water births currently being an increasing trend among most pregnant women, Family Wellness & Maternity Center is now excited to offer the option of water birth. The entire process involves giving birth in the water guided by a Midwife in the quiet comfort of the homelike atmosphere of the Birth Center.  The relaxing effect of water, with its support and warmth, can help you through your labor.  A water birth allows your baby to enter the world in water; helping avoid the sudden shock a baby feels when he/she enters the world.  Moreover, water has a relaxing effect on the body.The benefits are of great use at the time of labor and birth. The soothing caress of warm water relaxes the mother enhancing the birthing experience. The effect of buoyancy helps the mother to change positions with little effort. The benefits of water birth are not limited to the mother only. Water is the first element the baby gets familiar with and such an environment like warm water provides for a smooth, soft transition which overcomes the shock of gravity. The Midwives at the Center are experienced in labor support and water birth delivery and are available to discuss your options. For more information call the Center for a consultation at 423-442-6624.

Our Certified Nurse Midwives are advanced practice nurses, with special expertise in giving women-centered healthcare throughout the lifespan, including: the childbearing cycle, gynecologic care, and menopause. We strive to individualize care for each of our patients, with close attention to the physical, psychological, and social needs. We provide care in an unrushed manner, balancing touch and technology.

Midwifery Care

Well-Child Care

Our registered nurses are present for each delivery and the immediate post-partum period. They are all highly skilled in newborn care and breastfeeding support and are able to provide a wealth of information and education to new and experienced parents. We provide home visits within the first two days post-partum, even performing hearing screens, jaundice checks, and newborn screenings in the comfort of our patients' homes. Nurses and midwives are always available, 24 hours a day, in the postpartum period to answer any questions or concerns a parent may have or just provide encouragement. 

Our Services

Hormone Pellets are the best, most natural way to deliver hormones in both men & women.  Sterile pellets are a small, cylindrical form of compounded medication prepared using bio-identical hormones. They are used to treat hormone deficiencies and imbalances.  Implants placed under the skin, consistently release small doses of bio-identical hormones, providing optimal therapy.

One of the benefits of pellets is that they can be used to deliver hormones to the body that are both structurally and biologically identical to the body’s own hormones. Bio-identical hormones such as estradiol (E2) and testosterone are the most commonly used ingredients. They are slowly released over a period of three to four months, allowing for more consistent delivery. Because the pellet is placed beneath the skin, once it is inserted, the body naturally does the rest. Patients do not have to remember to take a pill, apply a cream, or give an injection. They also do not have to worry about getting the pellet removed because it is safely dissolved by the body over time. Once it is dissolved, the next pellet can be inserted by the physician.

Midwifery care has been shown to provide:


  • Lower rates of neonatal mortality.
  • Lower risk of low-birth weight. 
  • Lower risk of infant mortality. 
  • Lower use of interventions.
  • Higher rates of prenatal education on wellness and health. 
  • Lower risk of perineal lacerations and episiotomies. 
  • Reduced use of pain medication and epidural anesthesia. 
  • Fewer cesarean sections. 
  • Increased breastfeeding rates. 
  • More women reporting feeling in-control during labor.
  • Higher reports of having a "supportive relationship" with their provider.

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Pellets

Birth Center Delivery

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